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Brand New MTG Twincast.com Forum up and Running!


I am pleased to announce that I have got our new forum up and running, Chris has been doing an excellent job as administrator and will continue to do the day to day running of the forum. The forum we have at Chumpster was really started to take shape and more and more people were signing up. However issues with downtime and advertising have made us decide to set up our own forum, where we have more direct control.


You may also notice that now upon making your first post you obtain the rank of “Raging Goblin!” This is something I am experimenting with as a bit of fun and there may be future promotions based on your affiliation and activity within the forum. If you think this is worthwhile and perhaps have some ideas about this, then please do discuss these in the forum!



Otherwise I would just like to welcome you to the Twincast site and our new forum and I hope you have a great time sharing your ideas!


Best wishes



The Editor